• Our Vision

    • We will offer the most pure life to our consumers via our innovative products with the purest ingredients.
    • Our dealings with our key stakeholders will be true-especially for our supplier farmers.
    • People will be proud and happy to work here, no room for pettiness and politics.
    • Our corporate governance levels will be the best, ensuring our investors faith in us is protected at all times.


we love
what we do

We work hard and smart (at least that’s what we think!) and we love what we do. Working at Milk Mantra is about being a part of something bigger than you.

Working at Milk Mantra is about being a part of something bigger than yourself. A cornerstone of our enterprise is to create an exciting & engaging food brand – whilst making an honest and quantifiable positive impact on the rural farmers of Eastern India, specifically Orissa, an oft neglected and under marketed region.

Now that might sound a bit grandiose, but that is us – using brand capital to make an honest difference in the lives of rural farmers is the spirit of the wonderful team at Milk Mantra. We act as one team, believing in each other and what we can achieve together, so that means no petty office politics and people will actually be nice to you always, not just on your first day (ceteris paribus!).

Now, if it all sounds a bit happy-clappy for you, don’t worry. We’re passionate about our work and expect everyone to have the energy of an army – there are just too many things to do!

We are looking for highly motivated individuals with an innate intellectual fire to delve outside the box and to roll up their sleeves as well and get down to making a real difference. Of course, it all sounds great, and there will be moments of darkness – but if you are up for a most gratifying and challenging experience – join in!

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