what we do

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Prima facie, we work to develop the best innovative packaging formats and dairy products for our consumers - keeping in view the evolving needs of today’s urbane life. Milky Moo and MooShake are our flagship brand of dairy products.

We have one of the best dairy processing plants in Gop, Konark and in Hatibari, Sambalpur. So, if you plan to visit the lovely beaches of Puri or the Sun Temple at Konark – don’t forget to take a look at our plant. Our plants are equipped with the latest processing technology, and the best available technology for packaging innovation.

We have also rolled out a network of Bulk Milk Coolers in village networks in Odisha and have more than 75,000+ dairy farmers in our ethical milk sourcing network.

Our Ethical Milk Sourcing Programme ensures that not only does the farmer get the right price each and every time, but also, our network farmers are able to access a variety of extension services aimed at bringing in quality and clean milk production. Via this programme we aim to bring in overall dairy development in Odisha & neighbouring states.